Luis Coffee Table


The Luis Coffee Table is a contemporary masterpiece, showcasing a cubic design with clean lines. Its black glass tabletop, resembling a reflective mirror, enhances the surrounding interior designs, making it a versatile match for any decoration style. With generous dimensions (139cm x 100cm), this table is tailored for larger living areas, making it a compelling focal point for your interior.


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Contemporary Glass Elegance

Discover contemporary sophistication with the Luis Coffee Table, a striking fusion of form and function. This cubic marvel, defined by clean lines, introduces a new dimension of modern design.

Illusion of Space and Grandeur

Immerse yourself in a spatial experience. The Luis Coffee Table, with its leg-free design, creates an illusion of floating elegance, making it ideal for larger living areas. Its expansive 139cm x 100cm dimensions add grandeur to your interior.

Reflective Black Glass Tabletop

Crafted for versatility, the Luis Coffee Table features a sleek black glass tabletop. Resembling a reflective mirror, it captures and reflects the surrounding interior designs, effortlessly complementing any decorative style.

Functionality Redefined

Beyond aesthetics, this table is a functional masterpiece. The absence of traditional legs ensures an unobstructed flow, while the black glass tabletop adds a touch of timeless elegance. This investment in quality speaks volumes about LEOPARD Furniture’s commitment to refinement.

A Focal Point in Every Room

Position the Luis Coffee Table as a focal point. Its substantial presence and modern cubic design command attention, making it more than just a piece of furniture. It’s an investment in contemporary elegance, transforming your living space into a haven of style.


Poids 72 kg
Dimensions 146 × 106 × 13 cm
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