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Avorio Dining Table

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Experience the epitome of luxury with the Avorio Dining Table from the Minera Series. This contemporary masterpiece features an oval tabletop crafted from natural stone, supported by metal legs for stability. With unmatched specifications and versatile elegance, it adapts seamlessly to every occasion.

Table dimensions : 280cm x 120cm

We also offer a smaller size, measuring 240cm x 120cm. For more information please contact us.


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Unveiling Luxury with Avorio Oval Dining Table

Discover opulence in every detail with the Avorio Dining Table, a jewel in the crown of LEOPARD Furniture’s Minera Series. This contemporary masterpiece seamlessly blends modern design with the timeless elegance of natural stone.

luxury oval stone dining table

Crafted from Nature’s Best

The Avorio Dining Table is a symphony of form and function. Its oval tabletop, an expansive 280cm x 120cm canvas, is meticulously crafted from natural stone. The metal legs, strategically positioned in the middle, provide stability while allowing for unobstructed seating from every angle.

The Minera Series Saga

Embark on a journey through the Minera Series, where stone, ceramics, and glass intertwine to create furniture that transcends mere functionality. The Avorio Dining Table, an integral part of this narrative, brings a touch of earth’s history into your contemporary living space.

Specifications that Define Excellence

The Avorio Dining Table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a commitment to quality. With low water absorption, high scratch resistance, and resistance to UV rays, it stands as a testament to enduring beauty and resilience.

luxury oval stone dining table in a contemporary warm dining room setup

Versatility Meets Elegance

This table isn’t confined to a singular purpose. Whether hosting a business meeting, an elegant dinner, or a family gathering, the Avorio Dining Table adapts with grace. The reinforced tempered glass ensures durability, making it resistant to high temperatures and preventing deformation or cracking.

Avorio at LEOPARD Furniture

At LEOPARD Furniture, we curate pieces that resonate with your style. The Avorio Dining Table, with its flawless beauty, perfect fit, and durable design, showcases our commitment to offering products that redefine luxury.

luxury oval stone dining table in a contemporary warm dining room setup

∗ This product is certified under the EN 12520 European standard, ensuring top-notch quality, safety, durability, and strength for your peace of mind.


Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 290 × 130 × 8 cm
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