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New Toronto Dining Chair


Elevate your dining experience with the New Toronto Dining Chair, available exclusively at LEOPARD Furniture. With a modern design and solid beech wood legs, in a premium gray fabric and smoked oak wood color, this chair offers both style and comfort. Exclusively customizable in-store or through email.

Please note that colors and fabrics may differ due to monitor settings.

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The New Toronto Dining Chair in Gray

The New Toronto Dining Chair is a luxurious addition to the LEOPARD Furniture family, taking inspiration from the stylish Toronto Dining Chair with a modern twist. With a distinct horizontal line swing pattern and a unique upholstery approach and is solid beech wood in smoked oak color, this chair exudes elegance and sophistication, redefining your dining area.

A Swing Pattern of Horizontal Lines

The New Toronto Dining Chair sets itself apart with its elegant backrest adorned by a horizontal lines swing pattern. This pattern creates a sense of flow and movement, adding a unique touch to your dining space. It perfectly balances form and function, providing comfortable support while adding a captivating visual element to your interior.

Distinctive Particolored Upholstery

Unlike its predecessor, the New Toronto Dining Chair features front upholstery in a special particolored fabric. Predominantly in shades of black, white, and gray, the chair presents a gray appearance from a distance, giving your dining area a sleek, contemporary look. This striking visual element is sure to make a statement at every meal.

In-Store and Email Customization

Unlike the Toronto Dining Chair, the New Toronto Dining Chair is exclusively available for customization in-store or through email. This approach ensures a personalized experience, where you can discuss your unique preferences and let our experts guide you to create the perfect dining chair.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 37 cm

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