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Revamp Your Home for Autumn
🍂 ***Fall* into Savings** 🍁
Up to **40% Off** + **Free Shipping** in Montreal on orders over $2000
Revamp Your Home for Autumn

Cane Sofa


Cane Stylish Chesterfield Sofa Montreal. Founded on a solid kiln-dried beech wood frame, this sofa strikes a retro silhouette with an arched backrest, wingback shoulders, scrolled arms, and tapered feet in a walnut finish.



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Cane Stylish Chesterfield Sofa-Montreal. Founded on a solid kiln-dried beech wood frame, this sofa strikes a retro silhouette with an arched backrest, wingback shoulders, scrolled arms, and tapered feet in a walnut finish. The upholstery accented by button tufting for a tailored touch, while polyester fibre-wrapped, high-density foam core cushions provide comfortable support.

A new stylish furniture for modern house, Its hand-tufted backrest leaves a sense of glamour behind, Perfectly matched with Happy Armchair, Light weighted and congenial, Its long legs allow a convenient cleansing.

Cane Chesterfield Sofa Montreal

Beech Wood

Beech wood is a fine-grained wood that has a light orange to salmon color. We love its distinct pore pattern. The wood is often used in making solid wood.

One of the advantages of using beech wood for furniture is that it is odorless. It is the best choice if you do not want to have a wood smell in your living room or bedroom, and yet want light colored furniture.

Here are 5 advantaged of beech wood for furniture


Beech wood can be used for manufacturing curved furniture, as it’s easily malleable, making it a great candidate for almost everything – chairs, cabinets, flooring, spoons, cutting boards, and even goblets. It is very easy to work with beech wood for industry precisely for these purposes


Belonging to the category of “hard-wearing” wood, beech hardwood is non-porous, has a solid density and a strong surface. This means, it will last against pressure, chipping, and gouging, more than some other varieties of wood.


The evenly textured, straight-grained beech wood offers significant resistance to pressure, because of being hard, heavy, and strong. Keeping this in mind, beech wood is also good for floorings, as in can bear weight and high-impact force.

Easy maintenance

Lightly steamed beech lumber is often used to highlight the natural grain, finish, and color uniformity of the wood. Since it has long-lasting properties, beech wood furniture will stand the test of time, and look good even years later. In an event of severe cosmetic damage, simply sanding down the edges can do the trick.

Faux leather

Advantages of Faux Leathers:
  • Faux leather is highly versatile, and it can be polished to have a high gloss or matt finish as per requirements.
  • Compared to real leather, faux leather requires very little maintenance.
  • Faux leather doesn’t crack easily and is stain resistant.
  • Faux leather doesn’t fade easily and is also UV resistant.
How to Clean Faux Leather?

Faux leather material is usually stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned with just a wipe from a non-abrasive cloth soaked in lukewarm water. However, if the stain is more persistent, it is recommended to use water and washing liquid mixture to remove the stain. Cleaning should be done softly, and the cloth must be wrung before cleaning to eliminate extra solution. Let the faux leather air dry after being wiped gently with a dry soft fiber cloth. Ensure that soap is removed completely from the surface before letting it air dry.

Maintenance of Faux Leather

Faux leather is typically easy to maintain. Wiping with a soft fiber cloth soaked in a solution of water and mild detergent or liquid soap thoroughly once in a while is sufficient. It helps remove grime, dirt, and build-up of debris on the surface of faux leather.

Polyester fabric furniture

Polyester certainly has its place in the furniture world thanks to its many advantages that it has over natural upholstery options. This makes it a great, affordable fabric that can last whether you use it indoors or out.

Here are all the benefits for buying polyester upholstery furniture:

  • Easy to Clean

Polyester is one of the easiest fabrics to clean, this is because any stains do not soak into the fabric like cotton, but rather it only allows the stain to rest on top of it, making for a very easy fabric to deal with in the event of a mess in the living room. It is also one of the easiest fabrics to maintain, as well. Leather requires a complex way to clean it in order to keep it in great condition. In comparison, polyester is simpler.

  • Comes in Many Colors

What is great about polyester is that you can get polyester furniture in any color you see fit. Natural fabrics on the other hand come in a limited amount of natural colors. Whether you would like a polyester couch in a natural color, or in a color that fits with your living room’s color scheme, there are many colors to choose from no matter what online retailer you visit.

  • Durable

Due to the synthetic nature of polyester, it is considered an upholstery type that can last a long time. In fact, it’s even one of the best choices for furniture you could use outdoors. Polyester is water repellant and mildew resistant. The color on polyester furniture also doesn’t fade, so homeowners do not need to worry about exposure to the sun.

  • Lightweight

One concern about furniture that some homeowners have is that it is hard to move. While all furniture with a decent structure is considered heavy, polyester furniture will tend to always be one of the lightest types of furniture to carry. You can easily make this distinction just by feeling a polyester cushion, and how it’s light and airy to the feel. Other fabrics like velvet or rayon are considered a little bit heavier, and homeowners don’t realize how much of a difference this makes until they have to move it.

  • Nice Texture

Polyester can have a personality of its own, too. Polyester is woven in a crisscross texture, giving it a sense of personality rather than just a solid, flat color. This texture is nice to look at in addition to feel, so you’re not getting a bland fabric for being synthetic and affordable.

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