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Tivano Side Table


Enhance your home with the Tivano Side Table, featuring a contemporary design with clean lines, gold metal legs, a black marble top, and a wooden lower tier. This luxury side table is perfect for the bedroom or living room, combining elegance and functionality.

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Tivano Luxury Side Table

Transform your bedroom or living room with the Tivano Side Table, a masterpiece of contemporary design. This luxury side table, available at LEOPARD Furniture, features clean lines and a beautiful, unique look that will enhance any decor. The Tivano Side Table’s design perfectly balances elegance and functionality, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate high-end, premium-quality furniture.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Tivano Side Table boasts four gold metal legs that provide a striking contrast to its black marble tabletop. This two-tier side table also includes a lower wooden tier, adding to its practical appeal without sacrificing style. The combination of luxurious materials and sleek design elements makes this table a standout piece, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

well designed huge bedroom with luxury wide headboard bed all upholstered in a dark blue velvet fabric

Versatile Elegance for Any Room

The Tivano Side Table’s versatility is one of its most appealing features. Its elegant design and practical two-tier structure make it suitable for various settings. Whether you place it in your bedroom as a bedside table or in your living room as a stylish accent piece, this luxury side table will elevate your space’s overall aesthetic.

In the bedroom, the Tivano Side Table offers a perfect spot for a lamp, books, and other essentials, all within arm’s reach. Its black marble top adds a touch of luxury, while the lower wooden tier provides additional storage space. In the living room, this table can serve as an eye-catching end table, complementing your sofa or armchairs with its sophisticated design and premium materials.

well designed huge bedroom with luxury wide headboard bed all upholstered in a dark blue velvet fabric

Combining Form and Function

The Tivano Side Table is not just about looks; it’s designed to be as functional as it is beautiful. The sturdy gold metal legs ensure stability and durability, while the black marble top offers a luxurious yet practical surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. The lower wooden tier provides extra storage space, making this table a perfect blend of form and function.

At LEOPARD Furniture, we believe in providing furniture that meets the highest standards of quality and design. The Tivano Side Table is a testament to our commitment to excellence, offering a piece that will not only serve as a practical addition to your home but also as a statement of style and luxury. Whether you’re looking to update your bedroom or add a touch of elegance to your living room, the Tivano Side Table is the perfect choice.


∗ This product is certified under the EN 12520 European standard, ensuring top-notch quality, safety, durability, and strength for your peace of mind.


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