Bon bon Iyot Modular Sofa


Proudly presenting our award-winning Bon bon Modular Sofa, honored by the prestigious European Product Design Award.

Elevate your space with the Bon bon Iyot Blue Modular Sofa from LEOPARD Furniture. Part of the Colorium Collection’s Energy series, this sofa showcases a dark blue upholstery accentuated by elegant green lines, perfectly complementing its captivating round shape. With versatile modules and the Dynamic Seating System, this sofa seamlessly combines style and comfort.

Our modular sofas feature a simple built-in mechanism for secure module attachment, preventing any unwanted movement. Easily connect or detach modules to effortlessly redesign your space.


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Blue Modular Sofa with Contemporary Flair

Introducing the Bon bon Iyot Blue Modular Sofa, a captivating addition to LEOPARD Furniture’s Colorium Collection from the Energy series. This modular sofa instantly transforms your living space into an oasis of style and comfort. Adorned with elegant green lines against a rich dark blue upholstery, it radiates a fresh and lively atmosphere.

Bon bon Iyot Modular Sofa - Curved Modules Combination

Versatile Modular Configuration

Designed to harmonize aesthetics with practicality, the Bon bon Iyot Blue Modular Sofa offers a diverse array of modules that seamlessly adapt to your space. This collection comprises five unique modules:

  • Loveseat: Featuring a dark blue seat and a slightly lighter blue backrest, this standalone module offers flexibility in seating arrangements.
  • Curved Module Right: Its ergonomic design, with a captivating interplay of dark and light blues complemented by charming green lines, invites relaxation and conversation.
  • Curved Module Left: A mirror image of its counterpart.
  • C Module: Positioned between two modules, the C Module ensures a smooth transition while maintaining the energetic spirit of the Energy series.
  • C Corner Module: Designed to fit snugly in corners, this module boasts a deeper curve for perfect corner utilization, maximizing space.

Bon bon Iyot Modular Sofa - Living Room Set Showcase

Custom Comfort and Uncompromised Quality

The Bon bon Iyot Blue Modular Sofa sets a new benchmark for seating comfort with its Dynamic Seating System (DSS). You can effortlessly adjust the seat depth to your preference, guaranteeing optimal relaxation for every individual.

This sofa is meticulously crafted, reflecting LEOPARD Furniture’s unwavering commitment to delivering the finest quality. From the carefully selected upholstery to the sturdy framework, every aspect exudes luxury.

∗ This product is certified under the EN 12520 European standard, ensuring top-notch quality, safety, durability, and strength for your peace of mind.



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Bon bon modular sofa options:

2 Sofa, 4 Sofa, Large Sofa, Long Sofa, Curved Module (Left), Curved Module (Right), C Corner Module, C Module

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