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This modern  luxury marble end table with a marble top and solid wood base will be a favorite piece for years to come.



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Bring contemporary modern style into your home. This real marble and solid wood accent table is a perfect complement to a variety of interior design. Use it as an end table in the living room, as a sleek side table in the bedroom or as a display table in the entryway or home office. Show off favorite decorative items. Let it hold a warm cup of coffee while reading or let it anchor a bold lamp and magazines next to a favorite accent chair. This modern  luxury marble end table with a marble top and solid wood base will be a favorite piece for years to come.

Available sizes:

  1. Egg-coffee table L-D60
  2. Set of two tables : “Egg-side table L-D55” and “Egg-side table S-D45

* Three different choices for the marble:

  1. Persian glossy marble
  2. Persian matt marble
  3. Mars marble

** Individually purchasable.

*** Please note that due to the natural variations in marble, each table may have a unique pattern and color variation. The photo on our website is representative of the overall look of the table, but the exact marble on your table may vary.

Advantages of a Marble Table Top

There are many, many advantages to marble, and that’s why it’s such an enduringly popular material.

  1. It’s beautiful:Beauty is definitely at the top of the list of advantages of marble. Nothing can really compare. A marble dining table or end table will complement just about any décor and be an eye-catching conversation piece for guests.
  2. It’s durable with proper care:Marble is durable if it is cared for properly and consistently. With proper care, it just may outlast every other piece of furniture in your home!
  3. It’s timeless:It will never really go out of style. Notice how even antique pieces of marble furniture never get outdated. Marble is a surefire addition to your home that you won’t need to change or replace, and it is unlikely that you would ever want to!
  4. It’s versatile:Marble table tops are available in an array of beautiful natural colors, and tables can be designed to complement a contemporary, modern vibe as well as natural, traditional, or antique look. You will easily find a marble table that enhances your style.

Beech Wood

Beech wood is a fine-grained wood that has a light orange to salmon color. We love its distinct pore pattern. The wood is often used in making solid wood.

One of the advantages of using beech wood for furniture is that it is odorless. It is the best choice if you do not want to have a wood smell in your living room or bedroom, and yet want light colored furniture.

Here are 5 advantaged of beech wood for furniture


Beech wood can be used for manufacturing curved furniture, as it’s easily malleable, making it a great candidate for almost everything – chairs, cabinets, flooring, spoons, cutting boards, and even goblets. It is very easy to work with beech wood for industry precisely for these purposes


Belonging to the category of “hard-wearing” wood, beech hardwood is non-porous, has a solid density and a strong surface. This means, it will last against pressure, chipping, and gouging, more than some other varieties of wood.


The evenly textured, straight-grained beech wood offers significant resistance to pressure, because of being hard, heavy, and strong. Keeping this in mind, beech wood is also good for floorings, as in can bear weight and high-impact force.

Easy maintenance

Lightly steamed beech lumber is often used to highlight the natural grain, finish, and color uniformity of the wood. Since it has long-lasting properties, beech wood furniture will stand the test of time, and look good even years later. In an event of severe cosmetic damage, simply sanding down the edges can do the trick.

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L-D60, L-D50 & S-D45

Marble :

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